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Fences & Decks

Site Contracting professional team prides its self on quality installation and craftsmanship that allows our company to complete and equally committed to both large and small scale projects.

Reliable Fences

We build strong reliable fences. Whether you were looking for privacy, child/pet safety, or for the look, the longevity of the fence is a must. That’s why we use high quality material and professional building techniques for the fences we construct.


Remarkable decks designs. We will guide you through your deck project by listening to your requirements then evaluating your backyard area to explore the options available for extending your outdoor living space. A properly designed deck is an extension to your indoor and great way to host family and friends.


Who said you should replace your fence or deck? We believe that not all fences or decks have to be torn down. Contact us to evaluate the condition and to advise you best value options and help you make that right choice with respect to quality and value.

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