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If you are looking to green up your space, we can help. From adding plants and sod to decorating the surroundings with mulch and gravel. We do have plenty of options for you to choose from.

Lawn Services

We provide an outstanding quality sod products and a peace of mind when it comes to installation. Our team is highly experienced in new lawn installation and maintenance. There is no limit to the size or shape of yard we can do.

Planting & Prunning

Site Contracting will enhance, improve, and add considerable value to your property. If you require a complete make over of your backyard or just revamping areas in your garden, we have it all. We supply trees, shrubs and hedging for screening and individual plants for all garden areas and requirements.


Irrigation is a key factor when it comes to keeping your lawn and garden lush. We install irrigation systems that best suits your garden requirement.

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